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Reach Harmonious Higher Quality Multi-Dimensional Quantum Consciousness

The CelesteMetoden® is a three-step program that leads to Self-Realizationship and an increased consciousness about the Manifested and the Unmanifested universe. The CelesteMethod restores Soul Control in a Mind Controlled individual.

You get the keys to the riddle of life, the ancient universal knowledge that is necessary in order to turn your individual involution to cosmic evolution and development.

CelesteMethod® Quick Start

  • Start with a Free Membership and get the basics about the higher Quality Multidimensional Consciousness.
  • Order a Voice Code to accelerate the process

CelesteMethod® Step 1

1. Information – Increase Consciousness about yourself and the cosmos with the AIC’s Self-Realizationship and Evolving Program. This CelesteMethod® Step 1 is information and evolvement for you.

CelesteMethod® Step 2

2. Analyzis – Individual Telemetric Health Analyzis. This CelesteMethod® Step 2 is health analyzis for you.

  • Health Analyzis: Multifunctional Analysis.

CelesteMethod® Step 3

3. Action – Let your Individual Quantum Harmonization (Quantum Awareness) work through Telemetry several days a week – automatically. This CelesteMethod® Step 3 involves measures, actions for your health and accelerated evolvement.

  • Become a Research Health Member – Telemetric Scalar Wave Medicine
  • The Research Health Membership now includes 4 voice codes