Thank you for your order of The Quantum Harmonization Program!

Before we can start sending on you, you have to fill in the “Personal Information Form”. To reach this, click the “CM Member Home”-link up to the right and then to the right you see the link to the “Personal Information Form. If you are logged in you can reach it directly: Personal Information Form.

If you are re-ordering this Quantum Harmonization Program, i.e. extended it with one more year, then you don’t need to change the information in the form or send in a new photo. We already have this informatioon. No update is nessesary unless you have extra information to share.

We wish you all the best with the program, and that your health will improve making it easier for you to evolve!

If you have any extra health information that you will share – please let us know!

When the upgrade “Quantum Harmonization” of your account is established, you will be able to follow the link below.

//The AIC Team