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Quantum Awareness

Quantum Awareness

3500 kr

Quantum Awareness to promote consciousness evolvement through working with the chakra system. Runtime: several times and hours a week for a whole year.


Quantum Awareness

Scalar wave medicine works at a distance and all communication takes place automatically between the receiver (human) and the transmitter (Quantum Computer – Supercomputer). Magnetic scalar waves are transmitted several times daily.

The only thing required from the receiver is patience, trust, and willpower to become and stay healthy, and finally be free from all kinds of negativity in our life. It is important that we actively participate in the healing process and strive to become healthier.

Quantum Awareness works regardless of Placebo, but to receive the most help of our program we should maintain a positive attitude to the treatment and help offered.

Quantum Awareness

Quantum Awareness is an artificial intelligence which focuses more on the etheric body with its Aura- Chakra and Kundalini (life force energy) balancing programs. All of these are adapted to the Golden Age we astrologically entered in the year 2012.

The Aura – Chakra program is a complex program that has several subprograms. It is set on 12 basic chakras. They are all found in the etheric energy body. Women have an extra chakra so there are 13 of them in the quantum computer database. Chakras 1 – 9 are very important. If they do not work as they should, not enough energy reaches the third chakra, which cannot distribute it well to others.

Quantum Awareness Chakra revitalization program

In our original state, our chakras rotated upward from their horizontal position. But after millennia of concentrating only on the manifested (material) world, we were disconnected from source and the rotation was turned downward in its opposite direction.

The polarization that takes place via our program helps us to have the + (plus) and – (minus) poles correctly set on the body and chakras. The program C. C and D. D etc. goes through the whole range of tones and removes blockages connected to the chakra with respective tones.

A holographic Merkaba is placed on a harmonized figure. It rotates to the right at the top and to the left at the bottom. This evokes a stronger union between body, mind and soul of the receiver and the etheric body harmonizes.

The structures of the Merkaba spin towards each other at high speed which results in harmonizing of damages or cavities in the aura (radiation field) heals. Plasma begins to form, and the entire aura becomes more vital and radiant.

The life energy that is also called “kundalini” begins to flow better through the chakra system.

All our advanced Quantum Awareness programs takes place automatically depending on the receiver’s level of awareness, ability to receive information and trust.

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